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Center News

11 december 2018 y.

National Informatics center of India will help in the implementation of e-government projects in Uzbekistan

A meeting with three deputy directors of the National Informatics Center of India (NIC) - Ranjna Nagpal, IPS Sethi, B. Vinaya was held at the Electronic Government Development Center (Center). Representatives of the Indian Embassy were also invited to the event.
11 december 2018 y.

Innovative technologies and youth: opportunities, challenges and prospects

December 7, 2018 in the Central Building of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan held a conference on the topic: "Innovative technologies and youth: opportunities, challenges and prospects."
11 december 2018 y.

The best participants of the competition Open Data Challenge-2018 were awarded

December 7, 2018, awarding ceremony of the Open Data Challenge competition was held at the INHA University in Tashkent. Rector of the INHA University M. Jalolov delivered an introductory speech and  expressed his gratitude to all participants and guests of the ceremony.
11 december 2018 y.

UZINFOCOM stopped working as a domain registrar

LLC “United Integrator for the creation and support of state information systems UZINFOCOM” ceased its activities on the registration and renewal of domain names in the UZ zone.
07 december 2018 y.

Video conference with the largest Kazakh company in the field of informatization

On December 5, 2018, a video conference with representatives of the National Information and Communication Holding "Zerde" of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held at the Center for the Development of the Electronic Government System (Center).
06 december 2018 y.

The World Bank will give its recommendations on the development of the concept of a new open data portal in Uzbekistan

The Ministry for Information Technologies and Communications Development (Mininfocom) is working on the development of open data in the country and the improvement of the Open Data Portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In this regard, the World Bank Group visited the e-government center (Center) to study the state of the open data ecosystem and to further prepare a roadmap.
22 november 2018 y.

For the first time in Tashkent one of the main events of Google will be organized

For the first time, Uzbekistan will host one of Google’s main events for developers - Google Developers Group (GDG) DevFest.
21 november 2018 y.

Meeting with UNESCAP representative

On November 20, 2018, a meeting with an international legal consultant in the field of electronic commerce and paperless trade, a representative of the UN ESCAP delegation (UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) of the United Nations, Mr. John D. Grigori accompanied by national project consultants.
21 november 2018 y.

Indian company will give its proposals for the development of technologies "Smart City"

The Center organized a meeting with Amolak Singh, the managing partner of the Indian company VisionCraft,  the topic of the meeting was « possibilities of participation of Indian company in the  projects of Uzbekistan ».
20 november 2018 y.

128 people registered to participate in the “Open Data Challenge (Hakaton)”

13 days have passed since the acceptance of applications for participation in the “Open Data Challenge (Hakaton)” was open. During this period, 39 teams out of 128 people have already been registered on the site data.gov.uz.
16 november 2018 y.

Meeting with the delegation of Ministry for Electronics and Information Technologies of India

Meeting with the delegation of Ministry for Electronics and Information Technologies of India was held at the Ministry for Information Technologies and Communications (MITC).
15 november 2018 y.

What projects can participate in the Open Data Challenge contest?

As previously reported, the winners of the competition #OpenDataChallenge2018, #Hackathon2018, #Hackathon2018 will be selected by a jury in three nominations.
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