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The center has been established quite recently. However, despite this, a lot of work has already been done. The legislative and normative base has been formed and continues to be developed. Adopted government program for integrated development of information and communication systems of Uzbekistan for 2013-2020, which outlines tasks such as the provision of opportunity to carry out liaison with government authorities in electronic form, the introduction of the "single window" in government management system. The program also determines measures to create complex information systems and databases of the "electronic government" "single window" in the state management system, identified measures on creating complex information systems and databases of the "Electronic government". To evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed measures on introduction of the system of "Electronic government", targets and indicators in various fields and directions of online services provided by government authorities have been developed.

Besides, comprehensively studied normative legal acts have been adopted at the level of Management and the Government of the state have been submitted by the ministries and departments to CCITT for approval, and also recommendations on the following projects have been presented: The law "On Electronic Government", at the moment this document was sent for consideration of the interdepartmental working group; The Law "On Electronic Commerce"; The Resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On the organization of activity of the centers of "single window" for providing the state services to natural persons and legal entities"; The Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On measures on cardinal improvement of the state registration order and registration of business entities through the Internet" and number of other documents.

Actively conducting work in the direction of the reorganization of the functional and operational processes of activity of government bodies, including optimization, improvement and introduction of the innovative mechanisms for managing business processes associated with the provision of the state services. As you know, creation of the electronic government provides not only more efficient and less costly administration, but also cardinal change of relationship between society and the government.

On current state, the staff of the Center has begun work on improvement of system of the organization of passenger transport in Tashkent jointly with the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Targeted study of working process of JSC “8-Avtosaroy” was carried out. Based on the study of work processes, the Informational-analytical reference was prepared with suggestions and recommendations on the optimization of management structure and improvement the quality of the provided services to the citizens. The General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan recommended this document for the further consideration and practical use of the findings and recommendations in other bus depots of "Toshshakhartranskhizmat".

Along with this, the staff of the Center carried out targeted study of development of ICT and procedure of customs registration of export in the State Customs Committee (SCC) and on a customs post of foreign economic activity "Tashkent-commodity" (a commodity post of FEA).

Besides, on current state, the staff of the Center together with employees of "Goskomzemgeodezkadastr" completed study and development of a set of measures on optimization of operational processes of service “State registration of transition the right for the real estate” and continuing joint study with SJSC "Uzbekenergo" and the “State Committee for Architecture and Construction” on issues on allocation of the land plots, construction permits, and also connections of objects to power supply networks.

Within the direction of system monitoring, an assessment of a condition of implementation and development of information and communication technologies in the activities of the government authorities, the staff of the Center in pursuance of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated December 31, 2013 No.355, carried out monitoring and an assessment for the 1st quarter of 123 specialized structural units of the government bodies and economic management, as well as local authorities, including studying the efficiency of implementation of information systems and resources, and also introduction of a system of a rating of the effectiveness of the implementation of information and communication technologies.

Colossal work is being conducted in the direction of development of electronic government architecture and complex information systems, as well as examination of information systems. The Center deals with coordination of technical projects, technical specifications, FS (feasibility study) and PTEC (preliminary technical and economic calculation), concepts and regulations where employees carry out expertize remarks and suggestions on them. Among them it is possible to list projects such as; creation of the version of EDMS "E-hujjat", Secure e-mail "E-XAT" for use on mobile devices; the automated information system for reporting on the creation of new workplaces of "Newjob" and many others.

Moreover, the Center for development of “Electronic Government” system is the executor of resolutions and decrees of the President, government decisions, protocols of the republican commission, among which are the following:

  • In pursuance of the Resolution of the President on 27.06.2013 № 1989 and the protocol № 2 of the Republican commission, the Center is the coordinator of 22 projects of the state order on development of telecommunication technologies, network and communication infrastructure, and also on creation of complex information systems and databases of the e-government;
  • In pursuance of the Resolution of the President on April 3, 2014 № 2158, the Center is the coordinator of 86 priority projects of 37 enterprises for the total amount of 336 billion UZS that are aimed at the accelerated development and widespread introduction of ICT and software products, in the branches of real economy. They aimed to provide increase of management efficiency, decrease in costs of production, ensuring reliability and transparency of financial and economic activity of economic associations and the large enterprises, and also increase of their competitiveness on internal and foreign markets;
  • In pursuance of the Decree of the President on 07.04.2014 № 4609» "On additional measures for further improvement of investment climate and the business environment in the Republic of Uzbekistan" and Resolution of the President on April 15, 2014 № 2164 "On measures for further improvement of the procedures connected with implementation of business activity and providing the state services", the Center in collaboration with ministries, state committees, departments and organizations is developing interactive services for subjects of business through the single portal of interactive state services. The services are intended for further simplification and reduction in cost of mechanisms of licensing and issue of documents of allowing character, and for provision bigger freedom to business.

In addition, it is necessary to note that nowadays, more than 20 projects were realized as effective elements of the electronic government. Among them:

Government portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan – gov.uz, which is a backbone element of infrastructure of electronic information exchange of the organizations and between legal entities and individuals. Any citizen or the representative of the enterprise, organization, establishment can receive full information about all elements of the state authorities in Uzbekistan, and also send official inquiry to this or that authority in electronic form, directly through the gov.uz portal. On this portal, the full register of Basic interactive state services is also published.

Logical continuation of works in this direction followed by the launching on the Internet of the Single portal of interactive state services in the "single window" mode to the address: my.gov.uz. It is created according to the State program "Year of wellbeing and prosperity", approved by the head of our state in the Resolution on February 14, 2013 and the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers "On measures for further improvement the activity of the Governmental portal of the Republic of Uzbekistan in terms of providing interactive state services" on December 30, 2012.

The single portal of interactive state services is the bridge between citizens and government bodies that gives the chance to solve persistent problems of different character. One of the most popular services is the appeal to appropriate government bodies on different questions. Currently, appeals on housing-and-municipal services, education and health-care have become the most frequently asked questions.

Nowadays by means of the single portal, it is possible to receive more than 300 interactive services on more than 21 directions. Moreover, there are such services that are provided in automatic mode. For example, connection of services of stationary telecommunication and services of Internet for legal entities and individuals; obtaining the certificate of absence of debt on taxes; obtaining licenses in the sphere of telecommunications and others.

Besides, since January 25, 2014 businesspersons can send the appeals directly to the prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan through a portal.

New service are targeted on the solution of such possible problems, as unreasonable tightening of terms of responding to various applications, violations the orders of allocation of the credits or land plots, frequent verifications and other illegal interventions in financial and economic activity, subjective factors and bureaucratic barriers to business development.

Moreover, the Single portal of interactive state services enables to pay online via on-line plastic cards the telecommunication services provided to JSC “Uzbektelekom”. In the near future, there will be a service on payment in real time of services of SJSC "Uzbekenergo". Furthermore, specialists of the State committee of communication, informatization and telecommunication technologies together with the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan and with other ministries and departments study questions of online payment of the state taxes and other charges.

In addition, preparation and professional development of personnel, provision of joint scientific researches, scientific and practical conferences and seminars in the field of electronic government, integration of information systems in various branches of economy and social sphere, including "electronic education", "electronic health care", "electronic taxation", "electronic customs", etc. are being envisaged.

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