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As the state bodies contact with citizens within the frame of their activity, commercial structures and other public authorities, there are three components of the e–Government system:

Government-to-Citizen - G2C: Cooperation between government bodies and citizens, which provides getting services quickly, ease use, easy access to government services. For instance, to make inquiries, Visa and distribution of permission certificate, registration of legally important events in human life. This component is determined to provide an inventory of all public services to citizens via the Internet, often through the formation of a single government portal, working with one or more databases. Through this portal the citizens in a convenient and accessible form can get all the information about the activities of the government, as well as to express their wishes or claims or to fulfill their civic and social responsibilities, such as participation in elections, etc.

Government-to-Business - G2B: Cooperation between government bodies and business that allows faster passage of the harmonization process, eliminate the need of usage paper documents and thus accelerate the process of collecting and processing relevant information. In the end, government bodies with partners in the face of commercial organizations will be able to provide their channels to create an integrated service delivery system. Reduces the expenses of government bodies due to better use of technology, open and transparent public procurement system.

Government-to-Government - G2G: Cooperation between government bodies, which allows using modern technology to improve internal and external communications between the government bodies and rebuild their activities based on an integrated, but not fragmented service delivery. This will reduce expense, improve working efficiency, also avoiding delays in production, and increase the motivation of employees. This is the basis of all the work of E-Government, consisting of the internal government network linking all government bodies, within the scope of forming the government databases, where accumulates all government information, including a database of individuals and organizations operating in the country.

Creation and implementation of all three “e–Government” components are inseparably linked. Without G2C or G2B implementation of G2G will give the one–way effect, lead to inefficient waste of time and money, create the informational chaos and discredit the idea of “e–Government”. That is why the development and the consistent realization of development programs of all e-government components are very important.

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