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Since the Republic of Uzbekistan gained its independence, the internal policy retrieved its own development model. This unique model earned a high score worldwide and strengthened the authority of our country.

The foreign policy of the country is simply based on Constitution, the Law "On the Concept of foreign policy activity", “about international agreements” and other regulatory legal acts as well as the reports of the President I. A. Karimov.

The first objective of Uzbekistan’s foreign policy is building a democratic society, enhancing national security, raising the country’s role in international arena, gradual development of national economy, and at last to make the country in the list of developed countries. Uzbekistan was, is and will be a supporter of the peace, having basic principles to make peaceful decisions in tense and controversial problems without taking power methods or threatening other countries.

Our country is having open, balanced and pragmatic foreign policy. The foreign policy aims to develop equal-righted and beneficial relationships with other countries relying on international norms and agreement at the same time focusing on our nation’s preferences. Uzbekistan is in cooperation with other countries aiming to support safety and peace.

Our country is a member of more than 100 international organizations, actively struggling against terrorism, religion extremism, drug-trade and human-trade.

Since establishing its independence, Uzbekistan gained great success in all of the spheres. Nowadays Uzbekistan is gradually developing.


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