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Cooperation between government bodies and business that allows faster passage of the harmonization process, eliminate the need of usage paper documents and thus accelerate the process of collecting and processing relevant information. All in all, government bodies with partners in the face of commercial organizations will be able to provide their channels to create an integrated service delivery system. Reduces the expenses of government bodies due to better use of technology, open and transparent public procurement system.
G2B, balances the expense of electronic government system, making it appropriate. After the module "government-to-business" not only simplifies the implementation of standard procedures like filling declarations or registering credits. Its main feature - at the expense of simplicity, speed up and automate the process as much as possible to encourage people to create their own business. Since it is the private capital is the driving force behind the development of the country, not only economic but also social, cultural, technological and scientific development, it is the module G2B e-government prevents stagnation in each of these spheres of society.
Government regulation of business - it's the state's influence on the activities of business organizations in order to encourage and ensure the normal conditions of their functioning.
World experience shows that business can fulfill its economic and social role only if the government support comprehensively.


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