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Strategic Planning and Forecasting Department

Head of Department: vacant
Reception hours:
Main objectives:
  • Strategic planning of the implementation and further development of e-government;
  • Proposing key guidelines of building e-government in line with current international trends;
  • Conducting research, collecting and analyzing data on effective implementation of e-government.

Department of optimizing operational and functional processes


Acting head of Department: Diyora Zokirova
Phone: +99871 252-50-17

Main objectives:

  • Optimization of administrative procedures through re-engineering
  • Development and improvement of legislation
  • Development of the Single Interactive State Services Portal

ICT Development Analysis and Assessment Department

Head of the Department: vacant

Main objectives:

  • Analysis and assessment of the implementation of ICT in government agencies;
  • Behavior analysis and evaluation of the implementation of ICT in the organs of economic management;
  • Monitor the status of ICT in the regions.

E-Government Information Systems Development Department


Head of Department: Maksudov Shavkat
Phone: +99871 230-5832
E-mail: sh.maksudov@egov.uz
Reception hours: Thursday, from 15:00 pm till 17:00 pm

Main objectives:

  • implementation of works on creation and development of information systems of "Electronic Government";
  • implementation of works on creation of a single information technology platform to ensure the establishment and development of "e-government";
  • implementation of works on the organization of the system architecture "Electronic Government" to meet modern requirements and providing technical and information requirements of e-government.

E-Government Information Resources Development Department

Head of Department: vacant
Main objectives:
  • The development of a centralized database of e-government;
  • Development of departmental resources;
  • Development of the Unified portal of interactive services.

Regional E-Government Development Department

Head of Department: Firuza Abdurakhimova
Phone: +99871 252-43-15
E-mail: f.abdurakhimova@egov.uz
Main objectives:
  • Coordination of the “E- Government” State Unitary Enterprises under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, regional khokimiyats and khokimiyat of Tashkent city;
  • Analysi sof ICT development in regions and making proposals and improvements according to its results.
  • Developing a set of measures and provision of advisory services to enhance the effectiveness of the "Computerization Centers" and "Customer Support Centers"
  • Development of the strategic directions of further development of "Computerization Centers" and "Customer Support Centers" for the improvement of "E-government"system on the basis of analysis and research of the global trends and the experience of foreign countries;
  • Implementation of regulatory and methodical management of the"Computerization Centers" and "Customer Support Centers"
  • Defining the professional requirements for the ICT specialists of the"Computerization Centers" and the "Customer Support Centers" for the effective and timely implementation of the tasks.
  • Coordination activities on creation of Consulting Centers in regions for users on interactive state services, provided by the government units and economic management units
  • Coordinating activities of the "Computerization Centers" and "Customer Support Centers" on a regular information update of NIS.UZ database and other websites

ICT Units Coordination Department

Head of Department: vacant
Reception hours: only on Tuesday and Thursday from 09:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Main objectives:
  • Coordination of activities of the specialized government and economic management units, responsible for the development of ICT based on their work plans and targeted programs;
  • Analyzing and assessing the effectiveness of the specialized government and economic management units;
  • Developing a set of measures and provision of advisory services to enhance the effectiveness of the specialized government and economic management units;
  • Implementation of regulatory and methodical management of the specialized government and economic management units;

E-Government Projects Economic and Financial Analysis Division

Head of Division: Vacant
Main objectives:
  • Implementation of financial analysis projects of the "E-government";
  • determining the economic efficiency of the projects of the "E-government";
  • Formation of the National Order, aimed at the implementation of projects for the introduction and development of inter-agency integrated information systems, information resources and databases;
  • To develop proposals for financial support of projects of the "e-Government".

Maintenance Division


Head of Unit: Bahodirjon Isamuxamedov Baxtiyorovich
Phone: (+998) (71) 252-4257
E-mail: b.isamukhamedov@egov.uz
Reception hours: Tuesday from 9:00 am to 11:00pm
Main objectives:
  • Logistics, equipment rooms in order to create the conditions necessary for the effective operation of the staff of the Centre;
  • to ensure the required security regime of the Centre in terms of organization and control of compliance with the rules of labor protection and fire safety requirements of access control, protection of the territory of the Centre to ensure maintenance of the premises of the Centre, as well as the necessary equipment;
  • providing economic services to delegations and guests.

International Cooperation Division

Head of the Division: vacant
Phone: (+998) (71) 230-5842
Main objectives
  • Implementation of long-term planning of international activities, preparation of plans and agreements on cooperation with foreign organizations and institutions;
  • Organization of legal registration and other long-term cooperation agreements with foreign partners;
  • Fulfillment of plans, programs and agreements on international cooperation;
  • Monitoring results and the effectiveness of international cooperation and external relations;
  • Prediction of the necessary costs for the provision of external relations on the basis of contracts, plans and programs;
  • Collection, analysis and dissemination of information on the forms and methods of the international activities of universities, on foundations and organizations, representing grants for international cooperation;
  • Implementation of methodological assistance for the preparation, execution and feeding documents for grants, scholarships and fellowships for international funds, institutions and programs;
  • Implementation of the protocol functions: organization of meeting representatives and delegations of international organizations, foreign companies and foreign universities; in accordance with existing regulations, and instructions, the implementation of correspondence with foreign potential and existing partners; provision of signing protocols and treaties on international cooperation;
  • Information-analytical support of public authorities in the field of ICT knowledge according to the best practices within the "E-Government" system.

HR Division

Head of Division: vacant
Main objectives:
  • providing the necessary number of specialists of the Center, HR administration;
  • Participation in the development and implementation of human resources management strategy;
  • Implementation of effective selection, placement and implementation of the labor potential of personnel in accordance with their professional qualities.

Task Control and Document Support Division

Сафаев Н..jpg

Head of Division: Nasir Solikhovich Safaev
Phone: (+998) (71) 252-4323
E-mail: n.safaev@egov.uz
Reception hours: Tuesday - Friday, from 9:00 am till 11:00 am
Main objectives:
  • The implementation of the control and documentation of the Centre;
  • provide a uniform procedure for organizing and record keeping in the units of the Centre;
  • Organization of control over the timely execution of documents in accordance with the decisions of the management of the Centre and parent organizations;
  • Maintaining nomenclature of affairs of the Centre, as well as the preparation of documents for submission to the archive.

Legal Service

Head of Service: vacant
Main objectives:
  • Legal support in the implementation of the Centre's activities;
  • Legal protection of the interests of the Centre;
  • consulting the heads of structural subdivisions of the Center for Legal Affairs;
  • Organization of development and direct the development of regulatory and other legal acts of the main activities of the Centre.



Head of Unit: Kholmamatova Sayora Amanqulovna
Phone:+99871 252-50-81
E-mail: s.holmamatova@egov.uz
Main objectives:
  • Accounting and control of rational use of material and financial resources of the Centre;
  • Formation of complete accurate information on the activities of the Centre and its financial status;
  • To ensure the information needed to monitor compliance with legislation in the implementation of business operations to director of the Centre.

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